DS101 electronic stethoscope

Lighter and smarter


Sound filtering and audio selection to highlight pathological sounds

Exclusive sound separation technology to reduce environmental noise and accurately transmit various organ sounds.

W mode

Wide area mode

B mode

The clock face mode is suitable for heart sound diagnosis (20-200Hz frequency band)

D mode

Membrane mode is suitable for diagnosis of other organ sounds such as lungs (100-500Hz frequency band)

Patented organ icons and labels, more detailed audio record

While measuring, record the measuring organ and its position, including 4 organs, a total of 32 measuring points: neck (6 points), heart (5 points), front chest/back chest (12 points), intestinal tract (9 points).

Auscultation sound is amplified by 28 decibels to clearly distinguish subtle heart sounds

Physicians can listen to every subtle sound, and can also connect a loudspeaker device for teaching sharing.

Exclusive speakers can be shared instantly, and sound details are not missed.


Simple, beautiful and powerful

User-centric software design is simple and easy to use.


Organ diagram

One-click selection

Number of records

Number of records

Frequency mode

Clock face/film face/full frequency

Audio output


Display screen

1.46 inches




Two AAA batteries (alkaline or Ni-MH rechargeable)




One year

衛部醫器製字第 005958 號